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Item Description : 6 SIDED WRESTLING RING PACKAGE: If you want a 6 sided wrestling ring, this is where you shop. PRO 6 sided wrestling rings are precision made to be a perfect hexagon, for the ultimate performance and strength. Our 6 sided rings come in three sizes, 16, 18, and 20 feet. You measure a hexagon ring (actually all rings) from flat side to flat side, not pole to pole. These rings are built for wrestling and have great bounce and are super strong. They are very easy to set up and come apart for easy storage and transport. The rings are built FLEXIBEAM style, and built for use with long planks. You can purchase the boards for the ring flooring from us, or get it locally to save on shipping. Since we also build so many hexagon MMA cages, we are the industry's experts on Hexagon rings. Our Pro Style 6 Sided Wrestling Ring Package offers these items: 6 Pro ring poles 36 inch or 42 inch ring floor height 6 structural steel side rails - superior strength tubular steel flexibeam cross members - great bounce 3 under ring cables - easy set up and superior strength pro ring padding - dense foam closed cell - the very best 3 pro ring ropes - you choose the color 18 pro turnbuckles - 5/8" heavy duty 1 set - 18 deluxe turnbuckle pads with lacing rope - you choose the colors 1 set - 18 turnbuckle sleeves/covers - you choose the colors best quality Canvas or vinyl mat cover - you choose the colors 6 pro style ring aprons - vinyl - you choose the colors lacing rope for mat cover turnbuckle tightening tools easy to follow assembly instructions - quick set up